Product Reviews

Two Great Sitemap Tools

A good sitemap is handy for determining all the published pages and posts of a web site, and determining hierarchy or the site.  Most sites have a computer generated sitemap that is accessible by just entering the URL http://domainname/sitemap.xml – which is the universal ‘page’ for a sitemap. However, that may not be available.  Or, […]

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Saved by the WP-Rollback Plugin!

Not all plugin updates are good ones.  If you find yourself in the midst of an update that might have bugs, or conflicting with other components of you web site, you may need to revert to the older version. If you are following good WordPress maintenance procedures, you would have a recent backup that you […]

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Google Analytics Plug-Ins for WordPress

There is a large variety of plug-ins for getting the Google Analytics tracking code onto the pages on your WordPress site. The range from the simple – merely adding the tracking ID for the site, to the complex featuring analytics data had charts that are accessible on the admin panel. I prefer the simpler solutions, […]

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