Adwords Conversion Code for WordPress

The Adwords conversion JavaScript that is required on each tracking page must be within the body HTML tags.  Many WordPress themes will not accept the the script within the body.  Here is a process for managing.

Create your Adwords Campaign

Create the Conversion Code:

  1. In Adwords go to Tools > Conversions
  2. Click on the +CONVERSION button
    1. Follow the wizard for creating the conversion
    2. After clicking SAVE, the Conversion code, or Tag, will display.  Indicate if the code will be tracked on page load or a click.
    3. Copy the Code, which will be pasted on the target page or post.
  3. Copy the conversion  or tag code to the target page. It must be within the body HTML tags on the web page. If a WordPress page, see below.

Add the tagging script to the BODY content of a WordPress page:

WordPress themes frequently will not allow JavaScript in the Body of the content of a page.  We recommend the use of the Tracking Code Manager plugin for adding the code.  This plugin allows insertion of code to an individual page or post, or even all pages on the site.

Testing the tagging script 

Follow the Google direction for Checking Your Conversion Code.


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