Google Adwords Campaign

A properly planned and managed Adwords campaign is important to optimize cost per click, capturing the right potential customer and maintaining a high search position average. There are two activities for implementing a good campaign: development and management.  Campaign development is defining, configuring, tuning and optimizing a new Adwords campaign.  Campaign management offers on-going monitoring, optimizing and weekly reporting to be sure the campaign stays on track with changing competition and trends. Below are details of the two services that we offer:

Campaign Development

  • Identify each subject area for each AD GROUP
  • Develop keyword list for each AD GROUP
  • Identify broad, phrase and exact keywords
  • Determine campaign parameters such as geography, advertising days/hours, etc.
  • Determine optimal average cost per click
  • Project estimate of daily clicks based on daily budget
  • Author each ad
  • Determine keyword bid amounts and optimize
  • Campaign proposal document
  • Campaign Management for first 28 days
    • Monitor and adjust to optimum cost per click
    • Adjust for “Top Page” and “First Page” keyword bids
    • Weekly progress report

Does not include:

  • Google Ad Word fees
  • Landing Pages
  • Planning meetings

Cost - $199.00 for two AD GROUPS with two ads each

  • Each additional AD GROUP with two ads - $49.00
  • Each additional ad for existing group - $15.00

Campaign Management

Minimum bi-weekly campaign checks for:

  • Maintaining keyword quality score at 5 or higher
  • Remove keywords with low quality scores that cannot be increased
  • Monitor for optimal bidding for each keyword, adjust as needed
  • Adjust for “Top Page” and “First Page” keyword bids
  • Weekly report

Cost - $99.00 per 28 day (4 week) period