Google Analytics Plug-Ins for WordPress

There is a large variety of plug-ins for getting the Google Analytics tracking code onto the pages on your WordPress site. The range from the simple – merely adding the tracking ID for the site, to the complex featuring analytics data had charts that are accessible on the admin panel.

I prefer the simpler solutions, as there is less likely hood of plugin conflicts and performance issues. Below are two that provide basic functionality plus a couple of perks.

GA Google Analytics

This plug-in is created and maintained by Perishable Press. The plug is free, though they do suggest a donation. It has the essential features needed for any WordPress site:

  • Insert tracking ID
  • Toggle tracking on or off
  • Insert tracking code in the page header or footer
  • Toggle on or off to support  universal tracking, display advertising or enhanced link attribution
  • Insert area for other tracking code such as Bing webmaster tools.

GA Google Anayltics is available from the Perishable Press web site or the WordPress Plug-in Library.

NK Google Analytics

The NK Google Analytics plug-in deliveres the same features as the GA Google Analytics above, but with a few more options.   In addtion to the above list:

  • Options for compliance with the EU cookie law
  • Options for blocking GA when logged in as admin, editor, author, subscriber or contributor

NK Google Analytics is available for download at the WordPress Plug-in Library

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