Mailstrom Manages Thousands of eMail Messages in Minutes

Mailstrom is a fabulous on-line tool for managing large eMail inboxes that have thousands or even tens of thousands of eMail messages. Particularly useful, is the ability to automatically group message by common attributes, allowing the user to perform a mass delete and unsubscribes.

In addition to the mass delete and unsubscribe options, the tool also has these other useful features:

  • Automatic category views – Mailstrom determines the most useful groupings of eMail by Sender, receiver, subject, date, social network, eCommerce and size. This allows the user to perform mass changes or delete on logical groups, without the need to pick and choose individual eMails.
  • Archive or Move – Send batches of eMails to an archive folder or other designated folder
  • Expire – for a specific sender, the user can set a time line for retaining eMails, before automatic deletion. This is very useful for keeping the inbox clear of newsletters, shopping offers and similar eMails that are sent on a regular basis
  • Block – Block messages from delivery to the Inbox, based on selection.
  • Spam – Mark messages as spam, for delivery to the spam folder
  • Finally, there is a UNDO feature that allows recovery from any action, should an unwanted delete, move or archive be triggered.

Mailstrom works with most eMail providers that support imap protocol.

The free trial is a great way to experience the full features and functionality, and will help you do an initial clean up on your eMail. The subscription is a very reasonable $5 per month, with discounts for full year subscriptions.

Visit the Mailstrom signup for the trial or subscription.

Mailstrom Screen

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