Quick and Easy Page Grid and List Plugins

There are plenty of plugins and code snippets for making a WordPress post grid or lists. But, what about pages?  Here are 3 plugins that are easy to use and quick to implement.


Page list is slightly encrypted, as it only uses short code. There is no parameter settings an admin screen. All control parameters and filters are in the short code.  Also, it only does lists, no grid. However, it is a light weight  plug in and has over 50K downloads. Page-List on the WordPress Plugin site.

Content Views

This is my favorite of these three, as it is the simplest to use and the free version has a good set of features. Display choices are very flexible with up to 12 items per row, options for display size and choice of content (featured image, title, content, meta).  If specific pages are required, filters include page by ID number, parent or keyword.  Pro version has more choices.  See Content Views for complete info.

Post Grid

The free version will provide various filters including page, posts and all post types.  Display is fixed at 2 column, but offers 5 different hover animations. Includes featured image, title and text. Doing specific pages is a little trickier, as the only options are by exclusion or keyword phrase. Pro version has many expanded options for $19. Post Grid by PickPlugins

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