Reclaiming iPad and iPhone Storage Space

Over a period of time in using, adding and removing apps, you might find the storage area known as “Other” to be taking up a tremendous amount of space. This space is generally the data and documents that are associated with the installed apps. However, you may find after removing music, video, photos and apps, the space opens up only minimally.

In this case, a device reset and restore will be required.

For example on a 32GB Storage iPad:

  • Before reset and restore:  1.6GB free
  • After: 21.5GB

Here is the procedure:

  1. Check the amount of space available by going to Settings > General > Usage
  2. Plug the device into the computer that has the iTunes application installed. iTunes should start automatically.
  3. On the device screen, click the “Backup” button. This may take 5 – 30 minutes depending upon the amount of material on the device.
  4. Be sure the backup completed successfully.
  5. Close iTunes and unplug the device from the computer.
  6. Warning: this step will delete everything from you device. Be sure your backup completed.
    1. Reset the device by going to Settings > General > Erase All content and settings
    2. This will take a few minutes to complete
  7. Power up the device. Plug into the computer with iTunes installed. iTunes should start up
  8. On the iTunes device screen, click on “Restore”. This may take 5 – 30 minutes depending upon the amount of material.
  9. The device will prompt for a NEW passcode.
  10. The wi-fi network password will need to be re-entered.
  11. Check that you have recovered available space by going to Settings > General > Usage.  If this did not work, you will need to use Apple support or visit and Apple store for help.
  12. Apps that required logins may need to be re-entered, as some are not saved with the backup.



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