Saved by the WP-Rollback Plugin!

Not all plugin updates are good ones.  If you find yourself in the midst of an update that might have bugs, or conflicting with other components of you web site, you may need to revert to the older version.

If you are following good WordPress maintenance procedures, you would have a recent backup that you could restore which contained the old version of that plugin.

Alternately, you could try this nifty plug-in called WP Rollback. Rollback literally allows the admin to select any installed plugin and choose an older version. Rollback replaces the installation with the version indicated. You can even roll forward.

Upon installing, a “rollback” link will appear in each of the installed plugins (see screenshot below). Clicking on rollback will display a list of available versions. Select the version to re-install, and Rollback does the rest.

Using Rollback is far easier, less time consuming and far less downtime than performing a restore.  Give it a try the next time you need to recover a plugin!

WP-Rollback Info and Download


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