Search Engine Optimization

SEO Packages

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools site registration

Active the web site on these Google tools to assimilate the collection of data required for an SEO analysis and monitoring
Cost $75.

Yoast SEO Compliance

Utilizing the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin:

  • Enter the keywords identified for the page
  • Formulate and enter a Title based on the keywords
  • Formulate and enter a Meta-Description based on keywords.
  • Advise on content improvement if Yoast does not return a green indicator

Cost: $10/Per Page

SEO Basic Analysis Service

Collect and report SEO relevant data exposing the current state of the web site.
Cost: $175.

Tasks and reports include:

  • Check for crawl or other Webmaster Tool reported errors. Recommend corrective actions, if any.
  • Report the top 25 keyword search phrases by search rank position for the last 1 – 3 months
  • Report the top 10 pageviews in the last 1 – 3 months
  • Report number of sessions on the web site over the last 1 – 3 months
  • Obtain a recommend list of search keywords phrases supplied by the Google keyword planner
  • Review a sampling of the top 3 pages for SEO relevant structure that includes <Title>, <H>, <Meta Description>, “alt” HTML tags.
  • Obtain list of external links, as detected by Webmaster Tools
  • One hour Meeting to discuss the results and recommendations for improving SEO


Raw report data is source by Google and is solely responsible for it’s accuracy.

Actions performed to improve search rankings is not guaranteed, as Google search is a free market operation that is out of the control of both the client and consultant, that is dictated by Google Search and participating competition. Recommendations to improve SEO will be made based on best practices as outlined in the official Google SEO guideline that will be supplied to the client.