Top 8 Web Site SEO Tasks

1.Develop your keyword list

Create content that includes words from a keyword list that represents the subject of the web site and the target market.

2. Title Tag

Create a unique title that contains words pertaining to the page or post topic

3. URL Structure

Use keywords in the URL for the page or post.
For example:


4. Use quality anchor text

Whenever you have a link, use descriptive words about the page where the link leads. refrain
from using the bare URL, “Click Here”, “Read This”, etc.

Example of a good anchor:
<a href=””>Best museums to visit in Rome.</a>

5. Use the ‘alt’ attribute for image tags

Images do not have text that search engines can scan. Therefore, add text to describes the image and also makes use of your keywords.

6. Use header tags

HTML tags H1 and H2 on pages and posts. Content should be about what is on the page/post and make use of your keywords. Use only ONE H1 per page. More than one H2 tag is acceptable.

7. Use an XML Sitemap file.

This file is a crawler readable file that lists all the pages and post on the web site. It serves as a guide to tell the crawler what to scan and how often the content is expected to changes. There are a number of XML Sitemap plugins available for WordPress that dynamically maintain the Sitemap file.

8. Establish external links back to your site

Get other web sites to carry links back to your web site. But not just any site.  Sites hosting your link(s) should be on sites that have related subject matter.  Links on mass directories are useful, but generally do not help SEO.

Other Tips:

Meta Description Tag – This does not help the SEO on Google searches.  However, it provides a means for specifying the descriptive text that appears below the page title on the search results list.  Most of the time the search engine will use the description, but not always.

Read the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.  The guide will expand and detail on the information discussed on this page.

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