Top Free DNS Tools

There are a variety of reasons you may need a tool box of functions to check the DNS records of a domain name. These include:

  • Location of the web host
  • Location of the mail host
  • Obtaining a full list of DNS records
  • Checking for DNS errors
  • DNS record propagation

Here are some free on-line tools that can help:

Site 24×7 has a large array of tools for DNS and web site testing. This includes Global web site availability (useful for checking propagation), DNS analysis, domain location, SSL monitor, performance and more.  Site 24×7 offeres paid services for various monitoring, if desired.

MX Toolbox

MX Toolbox original started as a mail checking service, and has expanded to a large list of DNS checks. These include lookup of specific DNS record types, black list check, domain registration (whois) and eMail tracing.

DNS Stuff Professional Toolset

Probably the most comprehensive set of DNS tools that are no cost. Some unique tools include TLD lookup, WWW co-host tool, reverse DNS lookup and DNS response times.

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