Two Great Sitemap Tools

A good sitemap is handy for determining all the published pages and posts of a web site, and determining hierarchy or the site.  Most sites have a computer generated sitemap that is accessible by just entering the URL http://domainname/sitemap.xml – which is the universal ‘page’ for a sitemap.

However, that may not be available.  Or, you may want the output of the site in different formats.  Here are two sources for generating maps on demand.

On-line Solution

XML Sitemap Generator

The fully features site includes a generator that requires no desktop or web site installation.  It will scan the site and process four format for download:

  • XML
  • Text
  • RSS
  • HTML

The HTML version is particularly handy for a page that can be added to the site showing a hierarchical represenation with links to all pages.

Download for Windows

Screaming Frog is a well known SEO services web site. They offer a Windows desktop download sitemap generator and management tool.  The tool has extensive functionality, making it particularly useful for large web sites.

Screaming Frog Sitemap Generator

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