Web Development Resources

The following list contains various resources for web developers and designers that facilitate the process of building a web site.  Our company has found these specific sites easy and efficient to use.

Color Selection

Paletton – Unique interactive visual tool for adjacent, triad and tetrad color selection.

w3Schools Color Picker – Selector that derives an array of shades from a single color

CSS Reference

w3Schools – The ‘bible’ of CSS with all variables, examples and example screens.

CSS-Tricks – This site is full of CSS snippets. Use their search or a Google site search to most effectively find the type of code required.

CSS :nth tester

CSS-Tricks has a creator/tester for using the nth-child css selector.  This selector is used to apply styling to a specific element in a sequence.


Sites for free fonts:

uFonts – also has clip art and emoticons. Use caution on what you click on. Lot of advertising links on this site.

Free and Paid fonts:

myFonts – excellent visualization of a huge selection of fonts.  Sign in allows creation of a personal album of fonts.

Font Squirrel – comprehensive site of fonts, each font set shows good variety of large to small examples, or enter in your own text.

Button Creation

CSS Button Creator– this handy wizard allows the entering of various button parameters and producing the required CSS code. Very quick and efficient !

Here are a few other that are also very good:

CSS Browser Compatibility Check

Can I Use ? – Enter in a CSS property and this web site shows compatibility across all browsers and recent versions.  Displays in a nice color coded histogram chart.

WooCommerce Tax Tables

Tax table can be a complicated endeavor considering the varying rates at the state, county, district and city level. Here are two options to help with this process:

WooSalesTax.com – This PAID service provides a Woo Commerce compliant CSV tax table download on a state by state basis. The rates are consolidated to utilize the least number of rows. For an additional fee, they will install and maintain your site for rate changes.

For a more do it yourself approach, try taxrates.com.  File download is by state. However, there is no consolidation of tax rates and the table is not Woo compliant. You will need to edit it into the correct rows.

 Web Site Links and Sitemap

Create Sitemaps Online – offers a variety of site scanning that produces sitemap.xml, text file, and compressed xml file. It will also tally number of pages, depth and broken links.

You Tube Embedded Code

You Tube Code Generator – provides an easy user form to fill out with all the playback options. Output is embedded code that you can cut and paste into the page.

Punchsalad Embed Guide – is a detailed explanation of all the codes and how they work. Good examples.