WordPress Tune-Up

The Best Piece of Mind You Can Buy for Only $59.

If you’re not already experiencing problems with your WordPress site — receiving a slew of spam comments, clicking on links and finding them broken, or having performance issues — you might be soon if your website isn’t properly maintained.

Websites that don’t receive a proper tune-up, 3 to 4 times a year, are more likely to be attacked by Malware, which has the potential to not just slow down, but also to attack and destroy a website — including its links, its display, and its content.

When your site stops functioning properly, the result is more than just an inconvenience — your customers’ experience becomes frustrating, and they may even leave your site.

Our WordPress tune-up will ensure your site is secure and continually backed-up, and that it continues to function properly, identifying any hidden problems and assuring effective operation to provide potential customers the easy experience they’ve come to expect.

For $59, a tune-up includes the following services:

  • Updates for WordPress, Plugins, and your Website Theme*
  • Check backup of WordPress database and web files
    • add backup plugin if required
  • Optimize Database
  • Malware Scan
  • Performance Check of the Homepage and select sub-pages/posts
  • Check for Broken Links
  • Check for and Deletion of Spam Comments
  • Written report on results and recommendations
*Purchased plugins and theme may require license renewal. Renewal cost not included.

Don’t wait until Malware and lack of maintenance gets the better of your website!